Mudguards on the car: how to choose and install
One of the problems that motorists often face is the contamination of the thresholds and side elements of the body. In the absence of mudguards, the rear bumper of the car and the license plate quickly become dirty. Driving in bad weather causes mud to be thrown from the rear wheels, which can create obstacles for vehicles.
They are attached to the body, effectively retain dirt and moisture, prevent dust, small stones and road debris from flying out from under the wheels. This protects the body from corrosion. Mudguards also improve the appearance of the car, in fact, they are an element of tuning.
How to choose mudguards
There are two main types:
  • universal - suitable for any standard body type, but cannot boast of sophistication of design, do not require careful selection for a car model;
  • model - made taking into account the shape of the body, and are selected for a specific model of the car (sometimes they even take into account the features of a particular body modification);
Which mudguard brand to choose
Pay attention to the range of mudguards manufactured by the Novnline brand . This manufacturer occupies a leading position in the production of automotive products and sells its products in more than 36 countries around the world. Monitors the updating of the assortment, offering accessories for new car models that appear on the market. In addition, through cooperation with many popular automakers, Novline mudguards are included in the basic equipment of car models of the following brands: Nissan, Toyota and Lexus, Peugeot, Mazda, Renault, Citroen, etc.

For manufacturing, Novline traditionally uses polyurethane (polymeric material with an admixture of rubber). It is a durable material that has good flexibility. Retains its working qualities in a wide temperature range (from -60°С to +80°С), throughout the entire period of operation.

(from -60°С to +80°С)
How to install Novline Mudguards
Installation of accessories is not difficult, it will be possible to install them yourself without contacting a car service. For cars, you can purchase two separate sets of mudguards: for the front wheels and for the rear , made of polyurethane.
For ease of installation, it is necessary to unscrew the car wheel. If there is a desire and opportunity, it is better to remove it, which will make it much easier for you to clean the wheel arch, and you will get more space to work.

The installation of the mudguard does not require intervention in the design of the car, standard technological holes are used. The kit includes fasteners for a secure fit. Accessories are also supplied with installation instructions, which indicate the places for screwing the fasteners.
It is convenient to do this using a key with a standard T25 Torx head. Mudguards fit perfectly along the contour of the wheel arch. As for the time spent, it is quite possible to keep within 15-20 minutes. The rear mudguards are installed in the same way.

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